Markus 4

DSC_8910aToday our “little” Markus is 4. I am not surprised that time flays by and boys are rushing to grow up so quickly, but I find difficult to understand that Markus this September starts big school.  Although he is tall and physically, socially ready for school, but to us he is still little boy with his special view of the world.

We used to say  Markus is our Lion King. He knows what he wants, and that will be achieved either by charm (outside the house), or with the tantrums (home). As nursery teacher used to say: “No one wants to upset Markus…” thinking that no one will act to make Markus sad. And he knows how to be so sad, that will touch others deeply and will make ashamed that hurt him. He does get involved in fights or doesn’t want to hurt anyone (Lauris is out of this group, they fight and love each other a lot). Friends love Markus, but he is fine to play on his own too. Sometimes he will prefer his own games rather than get involved in group play which he doesn’t fancy.


Markus teachers also like him because he is calm, quiet, lots of smiles and carefully listening to every teacher’s word. Sometimes he isn’t taking into account all  what they say, maybe even think his own thoughts, but he definitely gives the impression that he listens very carefully.

Markus likes attention. He likes to get praises. Every day Markus competes with four-years-older brother, so the victory doesn’t come easily and  praise can help to his hurt heart.  If we compare with peers, Markus is a quick, targeted, maybe silently but surely moving towards the aim, physically active and also quite sturdy.

Markus seems shy and self-conscious, it takes some time and routine to get into a new environment, be between unknown children, because he wants  to know what to expect from each situation. He is not easy one with changes, he wants to know ahead and get prepared for changes. Markus likes routine, order and know what’s next.


From art and crafts Markus likes to cut, paint with colors, build ships and planes from Lego or junk modeling resources. Markus likes “large projects” and often he comes home from nursery with lots of his special arts. If Markus has an idea and he started to work on it, he will want to finish it undisturbed, even if everyone is already on break, he will complete what is started.


For sure favorite place for Markus is to be outside-whether it is our back or front garden, nursery playground or walking trough woods. Give Markus trays, soil / sand and water, sticks, rocks, and you will not see this child for hours. It is not surprise that a mud kitchen has been Markus’ favorite activity at the pre-school.

At present it seems that Markus is the soul person. For him it is so important to be loved, get praise and receive sympathies. He loves hugs and kisses daily, he is still our little boy Markus.

2016-02-22 12.56.18

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