Olivers’ First 30 Days – III

Finally, the third part of Oliver’s first 30 days with us. First Part here and Second Part here.

Day 21 Olivers has begun to be more awake, look around and want to be entertained. He likes to watch the light, big dark areas, he is also loves watching the ceiling and already slowly trying to reach the toys, but still can not do it. His eye hand coordination just developing and doesn’t have enough strengths.

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Day 22 Guests day – friends from Hitchin came to visit Olivers. He nicely slept all time through on my hands and later in a buggy. Olivers left very good impression about himself.

Day 23 Some nights even an hour between 5am and 6 am is essential to have a good day. In desperate to have some more sleep I found white noise Baby Sleep Miracle which worked for Oivers and he felt asleep again til morning. Day 24 There are days what turn out very difficult. I guess it started with a grumpy night when Olivers struggled with colic and cried a lot. Then the whole day was the same- couldn’t settle for a long and wanted to be more in my hands. It is just a not nice period what we need to get through. Day 25 Recently Markus learned to ride a bike on two wheels and he wants to do it all the time. Therefore today we all three (I, Markus and Olivers) walked  home. It sounds simple, but in fact the road is through fields and we could manage it in an hour and half. Olivers was sweetly sleeping through the field paths, and we enjoyed the indescribable beauty – bright green cornfields, blooming rape and hot sun together with light wind. Real countryside idyll!

Day 26 Some days I am not sure that I can raise my children. We both with Oliver had a disturbed night and today we aren’t in our best moods. Good that came midwife for a signing off visit.  After talking with her I felt that I am doing all right, that I am best Mum for my children and best for my newborn. It is sometimes so important to talk, got supported not just from family, but also from outside. 

Day 27 Three days before Olivers turn 1 month old, he has grown 56 cm in length and gained plus 1.3 kg.Day 28 Some time ago I said that it is better that Oliver is good sleeper during nights and could be more grumpy during daytime. My wish is came true. During nights Olivers sleeps well and eats three times, but during days has begun more to interact with us and want to be entertained. Like we all Olivers likes routine. He likes to have a nap in a pram outside around the school run time and we do it during weekend as well. Just to be on safe said and not to hear his lovely and strong voice.Day 29 A hot summer came to England. Today we decided to visit Standalone Farm what we do annually. Olivers didn’t get to see much as he wanted to sleep and eat, but boys had a lovely time.  Again and again I am impressed by facilities for families with children. Whenever you are going, there are changing rooms suitable for little ones, too.

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Day 30 Olivers’ first month with us is gone. We tried to juggle family life and routine from two children to be suitable for three. I can’t agree that number of children is irrelevant. I feel that this time around we need to make more changes, because there are more voices to listen, and Olivers voice is impressive. There are also more heart to love, more moth to feed, even more good night stories to read. But over all we are so happy and thankful to have Olivers, our lovely Baby of the family. We are enjoying every moment, every development milestone, every little thing about Olivers. We fully experience and soak in a life with newborn. 

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