Olivers’ First 30 Days- Part II

Olivers is already 7 weeks old, but I am behind with updates about his first 30 days. Today I am trying to catch up next ten days. It is Day 11 til Day 20.

Day 11 Today started to check how is going to work our planned routine when Valdis will finish his Parental leave and will be back to work. Our days will look something like this: 7:00am waking up, 7:35 Markus should eat breakfast and leave to pre-school, 8:30 Lauris drop off to school. And I can admit, it was stressful. Today I realized that in a new life I will not be able just grab out boys clothes of the closet in the morning. I will need to get prepared at the previous night, no matter how tired would be. Also dress up Markus with one hand was tricky. Usually he dresses up himself, but mornings are different, he needs more my attention as he isn’t a morning person.

After Markus left for preschool, I realize that it is time to get ready myself – a quick breakfast and a quick shower. As long as Lauris entertained Olivers, I managed both, and the day has already got more peaceful rhythm.

The first time with pram at the school gates was full of attention. Other parents, teachers, school headmistress came along and congratulated.  Although Lauris was slightly embarrassed from all the attention, but it is so nice that people were so kind and told us such a lovely compliments and wishes.Day 12 Olivers hearing test and Birth registration day. As for many children, Olivers didn’t enjoy hot Birth registration facilities and express himself very loudly. Luckily, on the way to the hearing clinic, Olivers fell asleep and successfully we did hearing tests. He is fine and hears very well. Usually newborn hearing test is administrated at the Maternity Ward, but as we had a home birth then we got a letter to come in and test him. 

Day 13 Health Visitor visited us today. I was ready for a long visit, at least an hour, because when Markus was born, Health Visitor spend more then hour with us to fill in paperwork and have a chat. This time the same, she wasn’t in rush. We talked about Olivers, I could ask questions, which I didn’t have. We also chated about everyday with 3 kids and how I feel in my new life. Do I receive enough help? How boys are with new siblings? ect. At the end of the visit, Oliver was also weighed and measured. In the first two weeks of life, Oliver is gained + 500g and grown about 1cm.Day 14 There are always days which are easier and which are harder, more challenging. Last night was easy one. Olivers ate every 3-4 hours and after eating did quickly settle down to sleep. Probably his tummy was all right and didn’t hurt, probably just tired or I got a lucky ticket for one night. Those harder nights eating regime is the same, but after feed Olivers wants to settle down in my arms close to me.
It is getting better with morning routine too. It’s not so stressful any more as Lauris interacts and plays with Olivers every morning while I am in quick shower or having a breakfast. Olivers soon will know how to play Minecraft and what each characters do. As well, nursery rhymes are very popular as I can hear from bathroom. This time with Olivers he proudly calls “babysitting Olivers”.
Day 15 Again it is the time when you have an infant and you can shop in a peace. He is nicely sleeping through and if no, you always can pop into changing room for some feed and change. I feel relived that there isn’t my kids hiding between new collection dresses and trying on some high heels. I remember this period with Markus and now again I enjoy shopping and looking properly at the things around shops. The only condition – Olivers is fed and sleepy.

Day 16 Many things and events in our daily routine can’t be change with a new arrival. Boys still have their arrangements even we have a newborn, otherwise it wouldn’t be fare to Lauris and Markus. Today Markus had his friends Birthday party. And since I love parties, specially, little girl’s parties, I went with him and Valdis stayed with Lauris and Olivers. I had a chance to get out of home and have some adult conversations, as Markus is usually good behaved. They had a lovely time in park and playground. After 2 hour walking outside Olivers realized that Mummy isn’t around and demonstrated his very loud voice. 

Day 17 From today I will be at home with three kids on my own til 5ish on week days. Of course, Lauris will be at school til 3pm and Markus at his pre-school til 12pm, but the hardest will be window after school when they are all at home and usually tired, also I will need to pick up Markus from per-school three times a week from nearby town, where we lived before. The distance is 20 min on bus or an hour and half walking. Tomorrow we will start to prove Oliver patience on picking up Markus from pre-school.

Day 18 Oliver is still sleeping a lot. Looks like he is awake just 3 times per day and short time, maybe 30 min each time. I read that a newborn should sleep about 16 hours a day. I must admit, Oliver definitely sleeping at least 20 hours.

Day 19 Lauris and Markus had a big surprise and a ‘present’- Olivers grab their fingers and held for some time. Boys were so exited that all three stayed holding hands for a while. 

Day 20 Today Olivers said his first “ge” and looked very pleased with himself.

DSC_8162a  DSC_8164a

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