Minions Party

DSC_7037aMinions, Minions, Minions … are everywhere. Since summer when came out Despicable Me Lauris knew he would like Minion Birthday Party. For me it was an excellent theme. It seemed easy peasy, but that time I didn’t know our Big News and agreed to organise home party for Lauris and his friends. Of course, we did. I survived and everything was fine, but I am not sure that soon I will go for another home party where guests are just boys. I think I need at least a year break! 🙂

Anyway, have a sneak peek at the Minion Birthday Party, and be brave- try yourself. It was a big fun! And best of all – Lauris loved it!

P.S. As you see, I couldn’t change his mind about wearing pajamas at the party!

 Make your Minion party hat or blower!


DSC_7020b    DSC_7041a


Minion Bowling 

DIY spray-painted cans were used as bowling, floor ball gaols and pencil holders.

DSC_7019a     DSC_7045a




Get the Minion

shooting or throwing ball game


Minion Birthday Cake





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