Markus 2

DSC_1821aMarkus officially is 2 years old. Actually he turned 2 some weeks ago, but I was very busy at work last couple weeks and didn’t have any time to reflect, how Markus is doing as 2 years old boy.

DSC_1475aMarkus has grown 90 cm tall and his weigh is 15 kilograms.

Markus is accurate. In my opinion, accurateness describe Marcus the most. Like all children, he likes playing, running, climbing, laughing, crying, and most of all copying his brother Lauris, but through his all attention, work, behaviour you can see careful, accurate attitude to his life. For example, during drawing Marcus likes to put lid on every pen after used it. He is very orientated to make his own decisions and stick on them. Markus likes routine – he fells happy and comfortable if we are using the same way to school every morning. Any deviation from the route can cause tantrum, which is simple to avoid if we are following the same way every time.

DSC_1498aMarkus is a good sleeper (except for climbing out of the cot when put down to sleep) and good eater. Markus always has been good eater and now he is eating 3 meals plus 3 snacks, sleeping from 8 pm to 7 am. It seems that Markus is ready to move from the baby cot to toddler bed. While parents has been making decision about best type of bed for Markus or maybe for both boys (any advice? They have the same bedroom.), Markus uses Montessori floor bed.

DSC_1506aThe last six months Markus has become proper toddler, more out of shell. (You can read about it here.) And with 2’s crisis Markus is very, very attached to me as mum. He will prioritise me if I am around, but if not, he is absolutely fine with dad, brother, grandma, nursery teachers etc.

Markus favourite books are about animals. He reads them again and again, points the animals, and makes their sounds, some of them calls by names. Last couple weeks ago his language skills started improve and he uses around 50 words. Sometimes Markus sings recognizable rhymes.

DSC_1488aMarcus likes drawing and sticking. Some of the drawings unfortunately we can see on the walls, which we need to repaint again. Lately, Markus is also very interested in cutting. The correct scissor grip he has, now it is only regular practise and my patience’s examination.

When I am at home together with Markus (2 days a week), he likes playing on his own or focusing on his work for some time. If there is Lauris around, then they mostly playing together and also fighting together, especially for parents’ attention or toys. Relationship with Lauris has helped Markus to become interested in other children and be friendly to them, which is not so typical for his age group. As Markus is still attending baby group at the nursery, teacher told me that Markus is empathic to others- if someone cries, give him a pacifier or toy/comforter, another time he hugged and rubbed child’s back.

This is our Markus. We still don’t believe that children can be so “easy” and deep. Markus is a small miracle for us.

We wish you Markus
lots of love, joy, new skills and knowledge
in the next year of your life!


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