Photo for Parents’ Week at Lauris Nursery

Last Friday I received a letter from Lauris nursery. They ask us to bring in a photo of Lauris and his family enjoying quality time together. They would like to display them in the entrance area of the nursery.

That was tough task for all my weekend because we have too much pictures where we are out and about or making something together at home, but now I needed to choose one or two photos. It was really hard task for me!:) But I did it and now share them with you.

Pagājušo piektdien es saņēmu Laura bērnudārza aicinājuma vēstuli iesniegt fotogrāfijas, kurās redzams, kā mēs visa ģimene kopā kvalitatīvi pavadām laiku. Viņi gribētu izveidot foto galeriju ar visu ģimeņu foto attēliem.

Tad nu nedēļas nogalē daudz domāju domāju, kuras bildes atspoguļotu mūs ģimenes raksturīgo kopābūšanu un kuras izvēlēties no lielā krājuma, jo iesniegt var tikai vienu vai divas. Tas tiešām nebija viegli, bet es to paveicu un nu labprāt parādu arī Jums!


We (Lauris and his family) love to go out and explore new places, get a new experience. In this picture we spend great time together in Cambridge some days before brother, Markus, was born.

Together with mummy Lauris is happy to paint, cut, draw, glue… create his special art „masterpieces”. In picture you can see „Trees in the four seasons”. We hold Lauris (4) made trees, my (32) are on the shelf.

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