Welcome to Hitchin- An Old Market Town!

The Hertfordshire area is rich with historical and fascinating places. One of them is Hitchin – a small town near Luton and Stevenage. Hitchin is famous with its history because from Medieval times there has been a church and market for all surrounding area. Also nowadays still there are the church and market, just not in the same place. Of course, the market is no longer as popular because supermarkets and big shops took area and people are more interested in doing their shopping near their home and long working hours, not just in the morning hours. But if you like old-fashion markets then come around and take pleasure to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers directly from farmers.

In Hitchin you could meet very kind, nice and polite people, too. The neighbourhood in this town is very safe and quiet. Actually, many people think that this place is more suitable for families with little children or for older people but I have to say on the Fridays and Saturdays nights the town becomes more interesting for young people because the nightlife (many pubs, dance clubs and bars) in Hitchin is fancy and active. If you are young or if you feel young that Hitchin is the best place where to rest and meet people and get in the party spirit.

Hitchin is also the good place to discover the nature and rest from noisy city. There are many parks and gardens but I suggest a walk. Months ago my family and I did a walk at the Oughtonhead Common Local Nature Reserve (approximately 2 miles from Hitchin centre). That was healthy and informative spent 3 hours in the fresh air. We discovered a nice place and returned rested and happy. You don’t need much for walking, just comfortable shoes and a map. You can’t image how easy and entertaining it could be – try and you will be surprised!

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